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Our mission is to provide quality yet affordable education.  Our Philosophy of Education is that God should be the center of our lives; the reality of His existence and the power of His Word should be the starting point of Christian education. Our school is designed to offer educational training in the areas of Theology, Ministry, Divinity, Leadership, and more. 


Jesus, the Son of God, voluntarily participated in the educational process. The Book of Proverbs encourages children to pay attention not only to the instruction of their father but also to the application of it. Therefore, the FMI Biblical Studies and Seminary is an educational institution where church and organizational leaders are educated and equipped through intensive study and practical application.


It is our philosophy that God is intentional which means that to serve Him, we must also be intentional. We believe that training is a pivotal part of the calling and the journey of each student.


FMI Biblical Studies and Seminary is a Flowers Ministries, Inc brand. Your school tuition is tax-deductible.

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